WcBot | Chatbot for WooCommerce Demo

Thank you for interesting in the WcBot

You can try the WcBot on this web page. It is the same experience as your customers visit your website. The WcBot is connecting to a WooCommerce demo site. To see how WcBot helps your online store, please follow steps...

  1. At the bottom right Messenger window, login with your Facebook account.
  2. You can ask the WcBot questions such as:
    • Help
    • Show product
    • Find product tshirt
    • What product price under 30
  3. WcBot has a built-in shopping cart. To try it:
    • When you see the product images, you can click Add to Cart.
    • Type: View cart
    • Click Check Out and then the shopping cart appears.
  4. WcBot supports online payment as well. To try it:
    • In Shopping Cart screen, click Checkout
    • In Order Info screen, input any sample address. Check the Same as billing to avoid repeating input the address.
    • In Shipping Method screen, select any shipping method.
    • In Order Payment screen, select Credit Card. Input the demo Visa card no.: 4111 1111 1111 1111. Date: 01 20. Then click Paid by Braintree
    • After the Braintree payment processes, you'll see the Order Received screen.
  5. If you placed the order, you can ask: Show my order

WcBot could appear in four aspects